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Quality Assurance

Upon receipt all incoming lots are assigned a traceable identification number.  Incoming Product is then inspected for shipping, handling or packaging damage.  All product upon receipt are assigned a traceable identification number. The quantities are verified and the appropriate documents are put together to form a work order. Documents generated include Incoming Quality Inspection, Process Document and a Final Quality specification for visual and physical properties. Test procedures are developed for each individual application


During the course of the coating run the coating solution is monitored and maintained, the humidity and temperature are controlled and adjusted for the required process. Visual checks are conducted on a regular basis.


Additional quality controls include visual inspection of expected performance and physical testing.


Coating Design Group, Inc. decided to pursue ISO 9001:2008  certification early in 2013 and after much work was awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification on 12/30/2014. Coating Design Group, Inc. maintained their QMS going forward and are committed to Continuous Quality Improvement. Once ISO introduced the new Standard ISO 9001: 2015, CDG started the transition/upgrade process and was awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certificate on 10/26/2017. 


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