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Clear Hard Coatings

Coating DesignGroup stocks and applies many different types of optical grade coatings . This allows us to select the coating that best meets your performance or cost requirements. When a specific coating is requested, we often have it in our extensive inventory. If not we will make every effort to acquire it or we can tailor a formulation to meet your specific requirements. Some of the types that we apply are:


Primerless Clear Abrasion Resistant Coating

Primerless clear abrasion resistant coating is an economical general purpose coating

CrystalCoat MP-100 multi-purpose coating is ideally suited for acrylic and polycarbonate substrates. Optically clear and durable, this coating provides abrasion and chemical resistance, outdoor durability, as well as primer-free adhesion to PMMA. This one-part coating system also helps to streamline set-up and processing time.

Primerless Weatherable Clear Abrasion Resistant Coating

Primerless weatherable clear abrasion resistant coating is generally used on polycarbonate with moderate outdoor exposure.

Weatherable Primer and Clear Abrasion Resistant Coating

Weatherable primer and clear abrasion resistant coatings are generally used on exterior polycarbonate substrates which require maximum UV protection.

Formable Hardcoat Coating

Formable hardcoat has less abrasion resistance than standard hardcoats but can be thermoformed. Formable hardcoats allow significant cost savings by pre-coating flat sheets, which can be later formed to unique desired configurations.

Anti-Fog Coatings

Anti Fog Coating

Anti-fog coating is a  permeant hardcoat that works by causing moisture that condenses on the surface to spread invisibly, rather than formimg droplets, Ideal for goggles, visors, mirrors.

Anti Condensation Coating

Anti-condensation Coatings are generally used on the interior of lenses (gauges, marine, ATV, heavy equipment)  and face shields that see  the extreme temperature changes which cause fogging or condensation to form on the interior surface.


Matte Finish Coating

Matte finish coatings provide a light surface texture to reduce glare. The coating is custom formulated to provide gloss readings in the range of 10 to 120

Tintable Abrasion Resistant Coating

Tintable abrasion resistant coatings are coatings that can be tinted with standard dyes. By selecting the light transmittance we can select the coating with the best abrasion resistance.

Anti Static Coating

Anti Static coatings prevent dust contamination problems caused by static charges  on parts. Anti Static Hard coats offer a compromise of abrasion resistance, color, and antistatic properties. Coating resistivity can be adjusted over a range of 10x10-8 to 10x10-13. As resistivity goes below 10x10-10 the abrasion resistance is reduced and a light tint become evident.

UV Blocking Coating

UV blocking coatings are formulated to provide maximum protection from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Typical application includes parts that are located outdoors or to protect valuable artwork and documents.

Chemical Resistant Coating

Chemical resistant coatings protect substrates from enviromental chemicals such as solvents, cleaners and lubricants.

Impact Coating

Elastomeric coatings provide a protective covering on brittle substrates that would be prone to shattering

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