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What We Do

Custom Coating

Coating Design Group, Inc. (CDG) is a custom Coater, applying specialty coatings to plastic and glass substrates for virtually any application across all market segments. CDG applies coatings for abrasion and chemical resistance, UV protection and static dissipation. Examples include lenses for gauges and meters, wafer carriers, optical scanners, automotive lighting, commercial and military glazing. CDG's lot sizes range from as few as ten parts to as many as 18,000 parts per day.



How We Do It

CDG tackles any coating challenge

Unlike other specialty coaters, CDG will tackle any coating challenge, regardless of the production volumes - small runs are a specialty. Most importantly, CDG will utilize the best available technology and is not limited to using one specific brand of coating material. As needed. CDG will develop custom formulations and processes to ensure the optimum coating solution to a specific application.


CDG has a skilled workforce whose fields of expertise include chemistry, chemical engineering. electrical engineering. mechanical engineering. and computer programming Their experience is an invaluable asset that few other custom coating facilities can offer by allowing us to design and implement application methods and tooling in house to serve our custom coating customer's needs. Our coating department staff has an extensive background in the coatings field, (most of our coating staff have worked with us for well over 10 years), working with products ranging from aerospace and automotive components to optics, medical devices . and industrial applications.

Coating Design Group. Inc. serves customers world wide from its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Stratford Connecticut.




The coating design group family


State of the Art since 1988

William L. Roy


CDG was founded in Florida in 1988 by Bill Roy as an engineering firm dedicated to the design of equipment for the application of optical grade coatings. The company relocated to Connecticut. incorporated and set up a facility for the manufacture of coating equipment in 1990. To further serve the coatings field a state of the art custom coating department was installed. The in-house coating department provided the vehicle for which innovative application methods could be

installed and tested.


Bill Roy's involvement in the optical grade coatings industry began in the 1970's. His early years in this field were spent devising production coating systems from 'in-house" components. His next two positions within the industry involved modifying newly purchased "coating machines ."

Extensive modifications were necessary to adapt the machines to operate within the tight optical grade coatings parameters. In soon became evident to Bill that there was a very real need for coating equipment that was engineered with all the integral controls for processing optical grade coatings. He established Coating Design Group to provide the engineered equipment and technological support that the industry was lacking. CDG's reputation within the industry brought a steady stream of referrals from past customers and resin manufacturers.


Coating Design Group's equipment manufacturing and Custom coating divisions were run from the same facility. As the need for quality custom coating grew the expanded custom coating department overtook the area which had been dedicated to the manufacturing of coating equipment for resale.


As the custom coating business increased it became evident to Coating Design Group's management that they have outgrown the building they were operating from. They decided to look for a facility within Connecticut that would allow them to grow their business and add additional equipment to better serve their customer's. After many many months of searching, they found a location with over 35,000 sq/ft. of space and moved in July of  2016.






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